In this Page you will find all the tools i use to perform my daily tasks.

You will also find recommend vendors that I have personally work with on a daily basis.

  I found them through painstaking conversations and industry expert recommendations, to make sure they offer cheap and quality services.  

Some of these are:

  • Most Cheap/quality IFTTT Networks you will find anywhere.
  • The most reliable group buy service providers i personally use: This will save you hundreds / thousands of dollars in tools / online services.
  • Some tips on how to register unlimited free trials for some very expensive tools.
  • Vendors for cheap, highly effective backlinks. Fiverr, SEOclerks, Leggit, Konker. (Tested)
  • Tools for Video SEO, Autoblogging, Content Creation and other small tasks that you usually pay for, but i give you for free

Honestly, I should´t be sharing this with anyone, because this is how i have some unfair advantage over other people.

Also it took me years to gather all these resources and now you are getting them instantly for a small fee.

But is also a great resource so i can point people whenever they ask me.

Without further words, here they are:

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