YouTube Authority Channel – Email Funnel

I have been wanting to to this for a long time.

  Now the time has come.  

To create an ongoing YouTube Authority Channel Case Study in the area of “Wealth”, “Health” or Relationships.

A channel that would encompass all the techniques and best use of software I have learned over the years.

From those actions, make check list so anyone can easily replicate the same process.

I Will be using the YouTube to Email Sequence Model, which is proven to be one of the best one can use.

It has the ability to grow both a YouTube Channel and a List of Emails Subscribers Fast.

This happens because the a Viewer turns into a Email Subscriber after subscribing to the Email Sequence.

Each Email sends the Viewer to a YouTube Video, which in turn helps rank each YT video higher.

Which in turn sends more email subscribers to the email sequence.

Subscribers get highly engaged followers/fans because of the use of both Email and YT Videos.

  Every 4-7 emails I will promote an Affiliate offer.  

We build one of the most valuable assets – Email List – where we can promote offers even if we lose the source of traffic.

It is a self sustaining business model, with very low entry cost, which anyone can do it. We are just going to give it a boost and spend some money with a few SEO techniques.

One of the best long term passive business model I have ever found.

You are going to see me build all of this and apply the techniques to maximize views on YouTube.

Here are the techniques I will be using:

  • 25 IFTTT Networks attached to the channel (It means every video uploaded will receive between 250 to 300 back-links and embeds). This networks will also be powered up with backlinking campaigns for more results.
  • Links from Twitter Moments Expired High PR Twitter accounts.
  • CTR of Campaigns To Videos to Rank Them for the targeted Keywords
  • Expired Tumblrs – Using them to power up Our YouTube Channel
  • Instant Embeds – Easy technique to Improve Video Rankings
  • Backlinking Campaigns with SEO Autopilot to Videos, Channel and IFTTT Networks.
  • On Page Optimization
  • Keyword Research / YouTube Poking / Ahrefs (Planning Video Series)
  • Video Series Planning & (Subniche) – Integration With Autoresponder
  • Checking affiliate offers and requesting approval to place them within the Email Sequence.
  • YouTube Commenting From High PR YT Channels and Videos to Boost YouTube Channel (Very Powerful)
  • How to Create Engaging Thumbnails
  • How to Create High Retention Video Scripts (Template) – Outsource
  • How to Create Fast High Quality Visuals with Content Samurai
  • How to buy an already established Authority YT Channel with Age, Videos and Subscribers
  • How to transfer every Video Uploaded Automatically to a Facebook Page for double the Views/Traffic
  • and much more…

I will also be documenting, how much time and money i spend and how much money i am making, rankings achieved and checklists.

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