Live Blaster Tutorials & YouTube Testing (Poking)

You will be learning how to Use Live Blaster the right way.

I share with you some personal techniques I have used in the past to rank videos, and test rankability (more known as poking) of keywords using Live Event Blaster.

Table of Content:

  1. Use Live Live Blaster the Right Way
  2. Poking/Testing with Live Event Blaster

Some of the content was created some time ago, but mostly is up-to-date. Enjoy.

1 – Intro Live Event Blaster 2

You can watch extensive training on Poking with live blaster further down the page.

The tool:

2 – Manually Update Live Event Blaster 2

The tool:

3 – Creating the Video Data tom import to LEB 2 with Video Marketing Blaster

List to Comma Tool:

Convert list to spintax:

Instant Tags Generator:

You don´t need the Pro edition to do this, but a couple more bucks you might want to get the pro version:

4 – Import Data From VMB to LEB2 – Setup the campaign Details

List to Comma Tool:

Convert list to Spintax:

Instant Tags Generator:

Search and replace tool:

5 – Scheduling the Live Stream in Live Event Blaster 2

6 – Poking With Live Event Blaster 2

Live Blaster – Data File Creator – file -> make a copy

7 – How to Get Clients With Live Event Blaster 2 And Permanent Ranking feature


In the video i have made a mistake. The testing campaign is in the “Florist Niche”, but i am talking about the dentist niche. This might get you thinking why i did that. It was a mistake.

Please take in consideration that when i talk about “”dentist” i want to to say Florist. Sorry for the miss understanding.

You should be able to understand the meaning of the video nevertheless.

8 – How to Use Live Event Blaster to Drive Traffic for Any Webpage

Generate Long Tail Keywords:

List to comma tool:

Video Marketing Blaster:

Live blaster Output data tool: – file -> make a copy

9 – Using Permanent Ranking as a Done for You Service