Live Blaster Tutorials & YouTube Testing (Poking)

You will be learning how to Use Live Blaster the right way.

I share with you some personal techniques I have used in the past to rank videos, and test rankability (more known as poking) of keywords using Live Event Blaster.

Table of Content:

  1. Use Live Live Blaster the Right Way
  2. Poking/Testing with Live Event Blaster

Some of the content was created some time ago, but mostly is up-to-date. Enjoy.

1 – Intro Live Event Blaster 2

You can watch extensive training on Poking with live blaster further down the page.

The tool:

2 – Manually Update Live Event Blaster 2

The tool:

3 – Creating the Video Data tom import to LEB 2 with Video Marketing Blaster

List to Comma Tool:

Convert list to spintax:

Instant Tags Generator:

You don´t need the Pro edition to do this, but a couple more bucks you might want to get the pro version:

4 – Import Data From VMB to LEB2 – Setup the campaign Details

List to Comma Tool:

Convert list to Spintax:

Instant Tags Generator:

Search and replace tool:

5 – Scheduling the Live Stream in Live Event Blaster 2

6 – Poking With Live Event Blaster 2

Live Blaster – Data File Creator – file -> make a copy

7 – How to Get Clients With Live Event Blaster 2 And Permanent Ranking feature


In the video i have made a mistake. The testing campaign is in the “Florist Niche”, but i am talking about the dentist niche. This might get you thinking why i did that. It was a mistake.

Please take in consideration that when i talk about “”dentist” i want to to say Florist. Sorry for the miss understanding.

You should be able to understand the meaning of the video nevertheless.

8 – How to Use Live Event Blaster to Drive Traffic for Any Webpage

Generate Long Tail Keywords:

List to comma tool:

Video Marketing Blaster:

Live blaster Output data tool: – file -> make a copy

9 – Using Permanent Ranking as a Done for You Service

Poking with Live Blaster

In this tutorial you will learn how to test keywords in Google and YouTube using YouTube Live Streams. Livestreams index instantly and rank highly in Google and YouTube. We use this to our advantage by creating several livestream events without even uploading a video to 1. Test if you can rank instantly for certain keywords and 2. If you rank how to keep ranking and drive traffic to your websites.

1 – Intro Poking

2 – Creating Live Stream Enabled Sub Channels Within a YouTube Account

Verify YouTube Channels via SMS:

3 – Adding YouTube Channels to Live Blaster

Live Event Blaster (You Should Buy Pro):

Tutorial API Key:

4 – Poking Keywords With Live Blaster

This is a simplified Tool to create the output file for live blaster: – file -> make a copy

5 – Checking Rankings of Poked Keywords

Free Instant Rank Checker. This is the new Alpha SEO Training inbuilt tool to check Rankings:

Make sure you watch the video on top of the tool to know how to use it.

Also, make Sure you save the Keywords that were not ranking on first 15 spots on Google. After Your channel gains Authority with time, you can Target this keywords, because they will rank as well.

6 – Final Steps